Cards Against Humanity built an AI to replace their writers

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    By the sixteenth hour locked in a small room, the humans had devolved into mumbling coffee pots while the AI trundled on, unrelenting. Both came up with some pretty good lines, some of the more appropriate (if that’s possible) including: “Losing a loved one to Fox News” and “Sitting on my son’s bed thinking, ‘I could kill him’” and “The whole Jeffrey Epstein thing” and “Some sort of giant son of a b*tch whole lives in the internet” and “Proving I am not a robot.” (Guess who made the last one.)

    The AI and the humans both sounded authentically Cards Against Humanity, and if their cards were intermixed it would be hard to tell them apart, but there were a few patterns. One, bizarrely, the AI’s jokes were much dirtier – make of that what you will. The humans’ jokes involved recent-ish memes like “Sure, sex is great, but have you tried __?” and political themes. Predictably, the humans made about 50 good cards and the AI one million mediocre ones, but the top 30, which make it into the packs people will receive, were comparable in quality.
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