CATL introduces first-gen sodium-ion battery and AB lithium-sodium pack

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    During its “Tech Zone” online launch event, global battery maker CATL introduced its first-generation sodium-ion battery, as well as an AB solution that integrates both sodium-ion and lithium-ion cells into one pack. While this first generation of sodium-ion cells is not here to overtake traditional lithium-ion batteries, they do present a number of benefits for charging, maintaining energy, and helping to promote cleaner energy.

    Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited better known as CATL, is a global energy solutions developer headquartered in Ningde, China. In fact, a recent report from SNE Research in South Korea has ranked CATL as the leader of global energy usage in EVs in 2021 so far, holding nearly 30% of the market alone.

    The manufacturer provides lithium-ion cells, the current industry standard, to EV automakers around the globe including Tesla, and Hyundai. While lithium-ion batteries remain the tried and true vessel of scalable energy for EVs, battery researchers are perpetually searching for new chemistry and scalable materials to support the industrialization of other types, like solid-state batteries.

    CATL explained that it has dedicated years of research and development of sodium-ion battery electrode materials, but were faced with a huge problem – sodium ions have a larger volume than lithium ions, and both the structural stability and kinetic properties of their materials call for more requirements.

    CATL seems to have overcome this material obstacle, and has now shared its first generation of a viable sodium-ion battery.


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