Cisco unveils Webex Hologram for AR meetings

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    Cisco on Tuesday unveiled Webex Hologram, a service that will bring augmented reality to its collaboration platform. Used with AR headsets, such as Magic Leap and Microsoft HoloLens, Webex Hologram promises to deliver photorealistic, real-time holograms of actual people.

    Cisco has been dramatically revamping its Webex portfolio over the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic increased the need for virtual collaboration tools. Webex is a behemoth in the crowded collaboration market, but competitors like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet -- just to name a few -- have helped the space quickly evolve.

    Earlier this year, Facebook introduced its own attempt at mixed reality collaboration, with Oculus Horizon Workrooms. Facebook's offering, however, presents participants as avatars rather than photorealistic holograms. Cisco says the use of holograms makes the experience more engaging and realistic.

    Source: zdnet

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