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    Oct 25, 2002
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    I have this weird problem, I've downgraded to from XP to Win 98 with Format c: :D since that was only solution to remove ntfs particion, freshly installed win98,updates and stuff and Collin Mc'Rae rally doesent work, giving me thoese illigal ops at EAX:0000000 EBB,ECC and other stuff erorrs. I'we tryed reinstalling win98, drivers, etc etc, but nothing new. Everithing else seems to be working fine, acctualy everithing else works great. Today my friend told me that collin mc'rae rally doesent work with my r9000 under win98 (I have played it under XP)... Is there any solution to this ? I downloaded the latest patch from codemasters but erorr is the same, i reccently changed my mobo, thinking that it might be due to ECS K7S5A mobo, now having ASUS and same stuck erorr !!! :( Is there any sort of solution for this (except installing XP again, I dont like XP, takes lots of memory and works much slower with mem than win2000 and 98, that is if you have less than 512, and I dont).

    10X in advance
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    Oct 25, 2002
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    And I wrotte to ATI today, they later replyed with some mambo jambo answer that ATI needs some shit for OLD VESA GAMES ?! well, Colin Mc'Rae is not OLD and not VESA. here is the whole replay It is very funny acctualy, if they send this to all of their customers, no wonder how other companies sell more ATI products than ATI itself...


    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting ATI Technical Support.
    Based on our experience, games issues using ATI's latest RADEON products are
    due usually to system configuration errors and we believe that following the
    steps could solve your problem.
    Many older DOS/Windows based games make use of VESA VGA display modes. 
    Earlier ATI products required that a TSR be run in order for these display
    modes to be available.
    Support for VESA VGA display modes is built directly into the BIOS of ATI's
    Rage 128 and later products. No additional software/driver is required for
    VESA VGA modes to be available for use.
    Most importantly, please ensure that your issue is not listed on our Radeon
    Games FAQ's at
    If you could not find your game listed there, or the answer provided could
    not answer your question fully, please check the following:
    * Ensure, you are using the most recent graphics driver for your ATI RADEON;
    Note: On this page you will find Official (supported) and Special Purpose
    Drivers (not supported); The Special Purpose Drivers are undergoing final
    qualification tests before general release and so there are not supported at
    this time.
    * If you are using any 'Tweaker' or overclocking software, please un-install
    those before trying any troubleshooting.

    1.) Please be sure you are running the CURRENT system BIOS. Please refer
    to your motherboard maker's website for details. Install all suggested
    drivers and patches from that website, including AGP drivers, possible
    system BIOS updates and related patches.
    2.) Check IRQ.
    Windows 9x/ME.
    Go to Control Panel > System > Device manager > Computer
    Check down the list that the graphic is on its OWN IRQ (if it is shared with
    PCI Steering, this is ok)
    If not, physically move the OTHER card / device to another PCI slot.
    Windows 2000.
    1_ Right click on My Computer and select Properties
    2_ Select the Hardware tab and select 'Device Manager'
    3_ Click on 'View'
    4_ Go to 'Resources by Type'
    5_ Click on the "+" sign beside 'Interrupt Request (IRQ)'.
    If the IRQ assigned to graphics card is shared with any other devices than
    PCI Steering, please check the information on this web page:
    3.) Please also checkl in DirectX Diagnostics [Click on START, select Run
    and type DXDIAG into the command line; Press ENTER] that:
    - You have the latest version of DirectX (7.x or higher) installed in your
    system (Our experience shows that uneven numbers of DirectX versions tend to
    be more stable than even numbers).
    - 3D acceleration (Direct3D and Directdraw) is set to ENABLED
    - Sound card drivers are DirectX 7.x or higher certified
    - 3D Hardware Acceleration is set to ENABLED.

    If you do not have DirectX 7.x or higher installed on your system, you can
    download it from Microsoft's website at;

    Please bear in mind, a version of DirectX must be installed before
    applying ATI graphics drivers.

    4.) Ensure, the Graphics Acceleration slider is set to FULL.

    5.) You may have to modify your CONFIG.SYS file ( only for Windows 9x ) :

    Click on Start > Run and type sysedit, then hit O.K.
    You may find the following line under the config.sys:
    If this line is not here, please exit.
    If there is this line, do the following:
    add X=C000-CFFF to the end of this line and let a space between EMM386.EXE
    and X=C000-CFFF.
    Your line should now look like:
    Save the change and exit.

    6.) If you have any SCSI devices, disable the Video Shadowing option in the
    Setup Program [CMOS/BIOS] when the system boots up.

    7.) A correct monitor must be chosen.

    Please see the following for information on how to select a proper monitor
    If you cannot see one, please see your monitor manufacturer for an updated
    Use the following steps to select a Monitor :
    Select the SETTINGS tab and click the ADVANCED button.
    Select the MONITOR tab and then click CHANGE.
    NOTE: If you are using Windows 98 the Update Device Driver Wizard will
    Click NEXT, select "Display a list of all the drivers in a specific
    location", then click NEXT again.
    Select "Show all hardware" and then your monitor under MANUFACTURERS. Choose
    the monitor type from the models listed. Click NEXT.
    Click NEXT again and wait for the process to complete. Click the FINISH
    button when it appears. Click APPLY, then OKAY, then OKAY again in the
    8.) Please insert "devbmp=0" in the [Display] section of the SYSTEM.INI
    file, as follows:

    Open the system.ini file for editing (Click Start, Run, type "system.ini"
    and click OK - this will open the system.ini file in Notepad).
    Scroll down to locate the [Display] section header in the system.ini file.
    Insert a new line under the [Display] header which reads exactly as follows
    : devbmp=0
    Save your changes by clicking File, Save, then exit Notepad by clicking
    File, Exit.
    Shutdown Windows 9X and restart.
    If the header does not exist please create it. You can add it just after the
    [386enh] paragraph. It should look like this:

    9.) Check the ATI Tabs in the 'ADVANCED DISPLAY PROPERTIES' tab of the
    Contol Panel :
    - In the ATI Direct 3D Tab:
        - Disable 'Wait for vertical sync' 
        - Disable ' Anti-Aliaising'
        - Disable 'Compressed Texture Format'   
        - Change the Z-Buffer Depth to 16-bit.
    - In the OpenGL Tab:
    - Please disable 'Full screen Anti-aliaising'.
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    May 10, 2002
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    Not tried it myself, but the only solution I've heard is to set up your system to run 2 displays and then play the game on the second display.

    Apparently that game detects 2 displays and tries to open the gaming window on the second display and if you don't have one then the game bombs.

    I've heard of no other solution. Omegadrive says that no driver fix can solve the problem. Codemasters themselves need to fix it, but they are more interested in newer games I guess. It's a pisser, as I have the game myself but I can't play it either. :(
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    Jun 14, 2002
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    If you have TV-out connected, just enable the second display and select
    "Extend windows desktop to this device" (or something like that can't remember it exactly). Then you can start CMR2 without errors. Works fine with my Hercules 8500LE.
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    May 10, 2002
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    Damn, too bad I gave the game away to a (non ATI owning) friend. :D

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