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Discussion in 'Driver Cleaner Platinum Edition Support' started by HardwareHeaven, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Q: Why do I need to pay 5 euros for a program ive been getting free for years?

    A: Platinum isnt the same program, its a new application with new code, new options and we think asking 5 euros for development time and future liftetime support is a pretty good deal especially as we dont pack the program with secondary spyware based installs or advertisements. Also if you dont have ANY money you can still use Drivercleaner pro.

    Q: I ordered my program 5 minutes ago, Why dont I have an email?

    A: Orders arent handled automatically, your registration email will arrive within a 4 day period. It will normally be much faster than this.

    Q: How on earth do I install the program, I notice ive a little attachment in email?

    A: When your email arrives, it will be a license configured for you and you alone. Install and run the program then Copy and paste every field from the email into the relevant registration panels of the program. This will finalise setup of the program and you can now run it as many times as you need. We advise saving the program and the email into a folder on your hard drive and burning to CD for future use.

    Q: Holy Crap! i've lost my license email, am I screwed?

    A: No you arent screwed, email from the email you ordered the application from and we will get your code resent, please allow a few days for this.

    Q: are we going to get more themes for the application in the future?

    A: yes we plan to release more drivercleaner themes in the future, we dont have firm dates on those yet.
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