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    Cooler Master CK550 Review.
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    Haha, I just got a CK550 last week, only mine has the brown switches. I agree with pretty much everything you said. :)

    I would like to clarify that you do get volume and playback control, only they are accessed by pressing Fn+<some_button>. Not a huge drawback as the buttons in question are the six keys above the cursor arrows, so the combinations are easy to press with one hand (whereas my laptop, for example, uses Fn+F keys, which are difficult to impossible for me to press with one hand).

    The similar goes for the macro capability, although I would say that it perhaps is a little too limited here - just one macro, as far as I understand, and, as has been said, no dedicated key. That is a bit of a shame, because all the logic is there. At least the Fn+PrtSc combo (run macro) is again not too difficult to hit with one hand, but dedicated keys would have surely been appreciated by the people who like and use that kind of functionality.

    Personally, though, I have to say that I don't miss that, as I've never used the functionality and, to me, it seems like one of those kind of neat sounding, but not really that useful features. Instead, I do appreciate the fully classical layout without any extras, which really looks like it means business and is also quite classy.

    BTW, I got mine for 60€ on a sale and, AFAIK, that kind of discount is not unheard of for this keyboard. :)

    Also, a curiosity, one of the lighting modes is playable snake. :D It's not really a full game as the snake doesn't grow, but there is fruit and you can pick it up using cursor keys. A gimmick for sure, but a cute one nonetheless.
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