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    Cooler Master proudly presents the 11th edition of the annual Case Mod World Series and invites modders from around the world to participate in the biggest community event of the year. Established in 2009, this annual contest has inspired many to push the limits of pc design & created the ever-growing modding community.

    This year, Cooler Master has partnered with some of the industry’s biggest brands, Nvidia, MSI, G.SKILL, Viper Gaming by Patriot, and CONTROL Ultimate Edition to bring you a total of 12 awards for modders to participate in and have also added a brand new category, Gaming Gear Awards, for all mice and keyboard lovers too! Case Mod World Series 2020 features a total prize value of over $24,000 USD – $16,000 cash prize pot + $8,000 worth of products available to winners this year. To take part in this year’s event, registration is now open Here.

    “It’s great to see the community come together during case mod world series, supporting each other and creating some of the best case mods there is out there” commented Annie Kao, Community Lead at Cooler Master. “Every year we see more and more interest in the modders creations and we’re thrilled to announce that this year, all the modders will have the chance to secure a co-development contract with us so we can help them take their passion to the next level.”

    The panel of judges will look at each entry in detail and select the most worthy winners based on design, innovation, craftsmanship, overall aesthetics, and how much it fits into each category’s criteria. There will be 9 winners for Tower and Scratch category and 3 winners in the Gaming Gear category.

    Among the 9 Tower and Scratch categories, Cooler Master will award 5 cash prizes:

    Best Tower Mod of the Year: $4,000
    Best Scratch Build of the Year: $4,000
    Craftsmanship: $2,000
    Innovation & Design: $2,000
    Art Direction: $2,000

    There will be 4 partner awards presented by the sponsors. Each winner will receive a product package worth up to $1,500:

    Small & Mighty (Small Form Factor Builds) Presented by MSI
    Performance & Aesthetics Presented by Nvidia GeForce Garage
    Best Gaming Theme Presented by Control Ultimate Edition
    Cooled & Overclocked Presented by G.SKILL

    #CMWS20 also introduces a brand new category to invite those who are keen on keyboard, mice and headset modding, each winner will receive a $500 gift card.

    Best Overall Design
    Gamers’ Approved
    Best Enhancement Idea

    Exclusive CMODX Contract
    All participants this year will have the chance to secure an exclusive contract with Cooler Master for its recently initiated CMODX program, dedicated to working with the best creators to bring their unique designs to market. All the entries this year will be evaluated by our CMODX team together with the community. A handful of designs will be chosen to go into a co-development project with the modder’s own limited edition collection available on

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