Creative X-FI Titanium SC vs. Realtek/X-FI MB driver mod

Discussion in 'PAX Drivers' started by Goldenboy, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Hi Guys,

    Newbie here. I've posted this question on the other thread and i guess making a new topic would be best.

    Does the CMSS-3D, EAX, Crystalizer features uses Software and CPU to process or does the X-FI chip takes advantage of the process entirely?

    Because there is a Realtek/X-FI MB driver mod available and the above features can be used as well and i wanted to know if there are any Hardware or Software process differences between the two... and if the sound quality is different from each other?

    It seems that there is no longer needed for a SB X-FI Sound Card (non-Ti or Titanium) if there are no big differences using the Realtek/X-FI driver mod? :confused:
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