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    Hello to everyone.

    I am pleased to find this site.

    I am running WXP on Raid 1.

    A while back one drive did not seem to work well.

    Having put it back together I cannot get to the Desktop now.

    In trying to solve the problem, on switching on I press CTRL-G.

    I now get the following 'Gigabyte Raid Setup Utility'.

    Auto Configuration [1]

    Define Raid [2]

    Delete Raid [3]

    Rebuild Raid [4]

    Raid Card Configuration [5]

    As I am new to this I do not know how to proceed from this point.

    As I believe one of the Drives is failing I would like to transfer all Files to my My Book Essential External Drive as a precaution.

    Thanks to all for your help.


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