Current be quiet! cooler line-up fully compatible with Intel’s LGA 1200

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    be quiet!, market leader for PC power supplies in Germany since 2007*, is ready for Intel’s latest CPU socket, LGA 1200. All LGA 115x-compatible coolers can also be mounted on the new socket, ensuring that owners of a be quiet! cooler can easily switch to the LGA 1200-platform and ensure that 10th generation Intel processors (codename “Comet Lake”) are optimally cooled.

    These current be quiet! coolers are compatible with Intel’s LGA 1200:

    Dark Rock Pro 4
    Dark Rock 4
    Dark Rock TF
    Dark Rock Slim
    Shadow Rock 3
    Shadow Rock TF2
    Shadow Rock Slim
    Shadow Rock LP
    Pure Rock 2
    Pure Rock Slim

    In short, all CPU coolers currently available from be quiet! (with the exception of Dark Rock Pro TR4, which was specifically designed for AMD’s Threadripper platform) are compatible with Intel’s LGA 1200 without the need for additional mounting kits. The installation instructions are identical to those of sockets LGA 1150, 1151 and 1155.

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