Current production model for AAA video games is 'unsustainable' says former Sony chairman

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    The length of video games has increased over the years, from arcades where they lasted as long as you could survive to narratives that can take numerous hours to watch, let alone play through. The Last of Us Part II, for example, takes around 25 hours to complete—nearly twice as long as it's predecessor, and it's becoming common to see titles that take 50 or more hours to finish. So are games getting too long?

    Shawn Layden, the former chair of Sony Interactive Entertainment's Worldwide Studios, thinks maybe they have.

    "I would welcome the return of the 12-15 hour game," Layden told VentureBeat.

    In addition to making it easier for players to finish more games, Layden points out that while games continue to grow in length and budget, prices have remained stagnant with only a $10 bump at the start of the PlayStation 3 era. He says this is "unsustainable."

    "The cost of creating games has increased," he said. "Some studies show that's gone up 2X every time a console generation advances. The problem with that model is it's just not sustainable."

    Source: techspot

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