Dead island riptide

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by steves6403, May 8, 2013.

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    What a game better than the last .You can run at a zombie and do a flying kick to put him down. Well thought out stand alone addon . The start is slow but once you get to the island its great
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    I'm not entirely sure why, but the original also stuck on me so that I simply had to play it through. Thus I had to try Riptide as well sooner or later, and luckily found it cheap on a one-day digital download deal. I find it a bit annoying with how quickly the zombies respawn in a visited area and the game has some definite consolitis, but the survival part is as entertaining as always. It's a very gory game at times which might initially shock anyone not having played the original.

    There are some technical issues with the game engine that cause some stuttering for many, but fortunately there is a little program called Dead Island Riptide Helper made by some smart programmer that can fix that and more. I highly recommend trying it out.

    I wouldn't quite recommend it at like full Steam price. Keep an eye out for deals or wait until it's "binned".

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