Death Stranding for the PC Gets Discounted Again

Discussion in 'Gaming News Discussion' started by Calliers, Aug 1, 2020.

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    Several weeks ago, Kojima Productions' Death Stranding finally released to the PC months after the game launched for the PlayStation 4. Shortly after its release to the PC, Death Stranding received mostly positive reviews from critics, with some calling the PC port the best version to experience Death Stranding.

    Now, players on the PC who are interested in checking out Death Stranding would be happy to know that Green Man Gaming is offering a discount for the game. Previously, GMG's Summer Sale listed Death Stranding for $47.99. However, the store further reduced Death Stranding's price and is now available for $43.19, which is 20% off its original price. It is worth noting that upon checking Death Stranding's page on GMG, the game is priced at $47.99. However, players must simply input the code WEEKEND upon checkout, and GMG will automatically reduce the price to $43.19.
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    Even though I have VASTLY reduced the number of Steam games I purchase, I would consider getting it there, if not for the Denuvo DRM. I mean, I can kind of tolerate for very rare occasions steam drm, but an additional one? No.
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    I decided to buy. Haven't bought a game since I pledged for Star Citizen last September. I was gonna wait because I ain't paying £55 for it on Steam. Got itr on GMG for £43 - interested to test the DLSS 2.0 on my 4K monitor. I was a fan of The Phantom Pain - not sure about this one, I heard it literally is a walking simulator but with that Kojima quirkiness. If nothing else it has some amazing visuals and design.

    As for Denuvo, could not care less. I think every game I own on Steam has Denuvo and it's never bothered me at all.

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