Deathloop Actor Reveals That He Still Can't Find a PS5 for Himself

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    One of the stars of Bethesda and Arkane Studios' latest release, Deathloop, has revealed that he can't even get his own hands on a PlayStation 5. While Sony's next-gen console has been hard to track down for many fans since it launched late in 2020, to hear that someone who worked on a PS5-exclusive for the platform still can't find the console is pretty surprising. Fortunately, it sounds as though this actor's luck should be changing soon.

    In a recent video posted to the official Deathloop Twitter account, Jason Kelley, who plays the main character Colt in the game, shared a message with fans to celebrate the launch of the title. In the process of or encouraging fans to go pick up Deathloop, Kelley also stressed that he'd love some help with scoring a PS5 for himself. "If anybody can get me a copy and a PlayStation 5, I would appreciate it," Kelley said in the video while laughing. In response, many fans were extremely surprised to hear that no one at Bethesda or Sony was able to give him a PlayStation 5 previously.

    Luckily for Kelley, not long after sharing this video, Bethesda's own Pete Hines said that he should be able to help the actor out in his pursuit. "Hey [Jason Kelley] I can probably help find you a PS5 so you can play it," Hines said in response to the video on social media. "You deserve a chance to play as Colt and enjoy your own amazing performance," he went on to say. Even though Hines might now technically be an employee that works for Microsoft and the team at Xbox, clearly, he still has enough connections over at Sony to be able to help out Kelley with his hunt.

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    I would also love to play Deathloop Pete and seeing as I will pay for the game can you help me out as well ?
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