Depopulation and the New World Order

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    No they wouldn't be noticed and they are harmful..

    Take for example a bathtub...

    Fill it with water to 3/4 full.

    Now every few seconds add a small drop of viniger or something similare in color and weight (aka clear and similare weight as water).... OR even just add a spec of salt....

    doesn't have to be same weight even.

    Trust me, you won't notice a damn thing and no one else would be the wiser if you weren't showing them what you were doing or how it was being contaminated. Even after several hours or even days, the tub would likely have not filled up any noticeable amount more...

    While what i suggested to add isn't typically harmfull.. there are an abundant supply of very deadly or physically harmful things out there that work on this same exact princeaple.
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    I see what you're saying. I guess you'd just have to get of their right side, then cause if it can't stopped then they have the "ball". I was in high school once and I brought my basketball. Someone took it off me and they were passing it too eachother over my head, anyway, to stop them I waited for the one I hated the most to get the ball and while being quicker shoved him in the chest really hard to let him know I didn't appreciated having my "shit" messed with. Needless to say the dissappointment in his face was entirely satisfying.

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