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Discussion in 'Driver Cleaner Platinum Edition Support' started by HardwareHeaven, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Well most of our regulars will have already seen that we have released Driver Cleaner platinum which amongst other things offers a fully skinnable interface. For more information on this application head over here www.drivercleaner.net

    I had planned to leave this for a while but I already see a few members are messing around with the skins so ill post a little information on how to make your own skins. It is actually very easy to do and dont worry it doesnt involve a training course in programming, if you know how to use an image editing program then you are set for skinning.

    When you install Driver Cleaner Platinum it creates a folder in C: (or your default windows harddrive letter) / program files/ Driver Cleaner PE / Skins/ DC. Inside this folder are various sections of the interface which you are able to change. When Driver Cleaner is loaded it checks this folder for all the sections of the interface to display.

    What im going to hold is a competition for those members who already purchased Driver Cleaner Platinum (and if you havent already why not? its only 5 euros!) and the person who creates the skin, myself and Ruud (the author) like the most will win a nice piece of hardware. I havent decided what to give away yet but it will be worth the effort!

    Already we have a skin from Tipstaff, a forum member who has basically desaturated the interface, and ive made this available for downloading here.

    This is as good a time as any to see how it works, simply extract all the files from that EXE and replace those in the folder detailed above. Obviously remember to keep the original skin sections by moving out of the folder beforehand in case you wish to go back.

    i will host all the entries for everyone to try out - all you have to do is post a link in this thread or email me the skin in a rar or zip, and all entries we feel are good enough will make it to a new download page on the drivercleaner website for user skins.

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