Do Loyalty Schemes in the Gaming Industry Effectively Bring in and Retain Gamers?

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    Loyalty schemes can work in retaining customers, but they are far from perfect. This is what research from a variety of sources has indicated. Despite this, many businesses have spent significant amounts of time and money on trying to come up with innovative loyalty schemes, with some being far more successful than others.
    A popular innovation is that smartphone apps are now used in most cases to carry the data instead of the traditional cards. Many apps also allow you to order items, which is especially useful as we move into being a cashless society.

    This has certainly succeeded in building relationships with younger consumers. YouGov research points out that over 60% of the 18 to 24-year-olds surveyed have signed up to at least one loyalty scheme or programme. Almost 75% of this age group believe they are a good way for businesses to reward regular customers.
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