Don’t Just Protect Your PC – Add Your Cells, Laptops and Tablets

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    Nobody wants to be the victim of cybercrime. Unfortunately, in today’s society, there’s a high chance of that happening. More people are online than there used to be, which has seen the number of cybercriminals rise, too. Obviously, there are steps you can take to ensure all your devices are kept secure. And we mean all.

    So, let’s go through them. Aside from putting all your devices in a safe, locking them up and throwing away the key, you’ll have to take more sensible options to keep them safe. Sure, that method does protect them, but it also means you’ll never be able to use them. Great if you’re putting the kids on time out but otherwise not so good.

    You could always go down the route of installing a huge array of security software. But where would you begin? Ad blockers? Malware detectors? Anti-virus scanning? There’s so much to choose from and so many different providers, you could end up spending loads on software that you might not even use especially if you’re looking to cover more than your PC.
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