Don't Film Your 202-MPH Highway Run and Post It Online

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    It's no longer news that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous—it's common sense. What's more, filming a high-speed run with one hand on the wheel and the other on your iPhone is on another level of stupidity. That didn't stop this Audi RS6 driver from mashing the accelerator and videoing their drive to 200 miles per hour on a public British roadway, though. And if that wasn't brazen enough, the clip was then uploaded to Twitter for everyone to see.

    Police are now looking for the daredevil who drove 202 miles per hour on the M23 south of Crawley, as The Sun reports. Luckily, few cars were on the road thanks to most folks sheltering-in-place, allowing the Audi driver a mostly open stretch of highway to perform their antics.

    The one-minute video has been deleted from Twitter, though it was also uploaded to YouTube:

    Source: thedrive

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