DOOM & DOOM II Get Widescreen Support and More

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    153 announces new patches to update DOOM and DOOM II that gives Steam users the re-releases, adds widescreen support, adds a crosshair (which was considered a major cheat back in the day), and more. Here's a bit:

    • PC: Added Steam Support
      Anyone who already owns either The Ultimate DOOM or DOOM II: Hell On Earth on Steam will automatically receive the new re-releases in their libraries. The original DOS versions are still available as a separate launch option from within Steam, and the original DOS IWAD files are in their original location on disk. Please note: if you have modified the files in the Steam install folder directly, some files may be overwritten. You should not modify files in the Steam folder directly, as this may cause issues. Anyone who purchases Steam copies of DOOM or DOOM II: Hell On Earth in the future; it will default to the re-releases but can access the original DOS versions as a separate launch option from within Steam.
    • Added widescreen rendering support
      For the first time in an official port, the original DOOM renderer has been modified to natively render 16:9 without any letterboxing. The FOV has been increased to reveal more image on the side instead of chopping off the top and bottom. All new 16:9 versions of the titlescreen, intermission, and ending screens have been added. Many of our Add-Ons have also had widescreen support added, so download the latest version from the Add-Ons listing to check it out!
    • DeHackEd support
      The engine now can load DeHackEd patches, a popular tool for the original release that modified the game in order to support more advanced behavior. Add-Ons can now use new weapons, change enemy behavior, and more!
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    It makes me want to throw up for some reason. Why do this to these classics?
    Don't get me wrong, any options which don't remove previous ones, are fine by me.
    Still two of the best games ever released. At least on PC.
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    would have been even nicer with 21:9 or 32:9 support

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