Drivercleaner.NET to get a rebuild, give us your input

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    We over at here Drivercleaner.NET have been helping people clean their Windows PC’s for more than 15 years now. Many people still use our app on a regular basis, however, it is becoming dated and now we are in the process re-engineering it from bottom up incorporating as many of the new features and processes available to us to fully clean a Windows PC.

    In the bad old days, the hardware manufacturers showed little interest in the uninstall side of their software, this was where Drivercleaner.NET came in with our total clean, ‘freshstart’ system. Many manufacturers have improved their approach to this important process, but still we have people reporting the proprietary manufacturer uninstallers fails, and the application vendor software some manufactures forward you to in their support area, do not do the task they often claim to, or in many cases do little more than run the manufacturer uninstall program.

    Traditionally this market has been for people who are swapping out Graphics or Sound cards. They are knowledgably of the hardware they are using and the reasons for the purchase. They want to completely remove all trace of the old hardware so they can start clean with their new, generally expensive, acquisition, choosing which drivers to use and what settings they want employ.

    As part of our preparation, what we are looking for now is some additional feedback from you, guys who face these issues and may be using Drivercleaner.NET or some other application to do this. We want to find out from you first hand, what in your opinion are the biggest issues you encounter when swapping out your hardware.

    We will also be looking for some beta testers of the new application once we feel it is close to the production state.

    Drivercleaner.NET prided itself on being one of the only ‘low level’ system cleaners that did not try to do anything else for you other than clean your Windows PC completely of any remnant of the old hardware, so you, the only one who knows your Windows PC ,and what you are trying to achieve, so you can then download the drivers you want to use and install.

    We look forward to hearing your feedback, in whatever form it takes.


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    Had a paid Subscription for this for a while but when it stopped being updated i stopped using it, and I wont lie it may be a bit of a challenge to get me back using this as I have gotten used to uninstalling using other methods, may take a little incentivising to get old users back to it

    I will admit though when i used it the system was always ready for new drivers and not once did I have an issue

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