dronez test on ogl-3140-patch

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    I picked dronez because of the high frame rates and decent amout of information it gives you.all test were done at 1024x768 32bit,24-bit z-buffer and so on.
    (with-Ogl ) Frames=9721 ( without-Ogl) Frames=9721

    min=41.87 min=45.14
    max=291.42 max=326.35
    avg=79.95 avg=84.84

    T&L Triangles T & L Triangles
    min.k=8.49 min=9.11
    max.k=1293.44 max.k=1265.80
    avg.k=586.09 avg.k=585.65

    OpenGL Triangles OpenGl Triangles
    min.k=12.18 min.k=12.41
    max.k=757.20 max.k=679.44
    avg.k=426.57 avg.k=316.22

    these numbers lead me to belive it was a good idea to give us something (the patch)to keep driver production up.the end story is are we going to see another hit in d3d for this one ?

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