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Discussion in 'Effects and the DSP' started by peate, Apr 10, 2022.

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been having a hell of time trying to build dsp's, more precisely, connecting the "wires" between plug-ins. I get the line drawn, and as soon as I release the mouse, it disappears. I know if I miss the connector it does that, but I'm dead center and using the huge size. Here's where the fun starts; when I move the mouse, the whole dsp window follows the mouse, without clicking and won't let go for me to start a new line unless I right click and refresh the page. Then the whole thing starts over.

    One way it works but not always is the direction I use to connect. If I start the line from the source i.e. Profx src into MX8, I get into trouble, but if I go from Mixer to src, it usually works. I have tried 32 and 64 bit versions and the 64 bit one is steadier but using only default plug-ins. No ProFX or UFX. , but I still get weird behavior, like a part of a line sticking out from a plug-in, going nowhere.

    This has started recently, in 2022. It looks more like a graphical issue, but the same problem exists in my 2 machines, both very similar.

    Has anyone else tried DSP building and noticed strange behavior?

    Could I get a few volunteer dsp users to do some tests.


    Note: I tried with Smart connect on and off. It's usually off.

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