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Discussion in 'General Software Discussion' started by giganick, Apr 20, 2005.

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    I have been burning DVD's for about a year now using Ulead DVD, and a Sony DVD burner, and burning on DVD-R, and I have had no problems with DVD players not being able to read the DVD- I made 400 copies of a video yearbook and had no problems. From what I have seen, and in my opinion what makes the difference between a DVD that will work on MOST DVD players and one that wont is the software and the brand of the burner, my dad uses a off brand burner and some cheap burning software and DVD+R it will work on a few DVD players...the ones in our house at least..one of them it is kindof jumpy though, but when he would use DVD-R it would only work on one. I have also just completed a project with someone and they used DVD+R and Adobe Encore, and never had any problems with players not being able to read them. So in conclusion, I think that if you pay for a name brand burner, and some good software you will not run into problems-this is espically neccessary for someone like myself who does Wedding Videos and Family Videos for people, and I have never had any problems with the clients player not recognizing the disc. One more thing, my friend made a video in windows movie maker, and wanted me to burn it to DVD for him, so I copied it to a external HDD, and brought it home, for some stupid reason Ulead wouldnt convert the video correctly...all I know is that it wouldnt work, so I used the cheap crappy software that came with my burner, and it burnt the DVD, worked on my player, but when I tried to play it at their house it was SKIPPY!....anyway...if anyone has any comments they would be appreciated...maybe i just got lucky?...


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