EFX Oscilloscope's Strange Behavior

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    EFX Oscilloscope (version dated 05/03/2002):


    The upper snapshot is a -0dB signal. The lower snapshot is that signal -6dB and offset (13% by "Vol+DC") such that it centers in the top half of the window. This is really the only way to effectively use the oscilloscope because the line is drawn down and off the graph while the signal is in the window's lower half. Doubt this to be the intended function.
    That's how it's worked as bundled with each kX release (3550, 3551, 3552) I have used.

    So, is that really the latest version of the plugin?
    Anyone know why it behaves this way?

    Also, wondering if a version with this look ever came out: http://www.hardwareheaven.com/community/posts/555477
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