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    I have come across this question more than once and have pondered this many times before about what it is that makes us, well... us. We all have reason for life, we are here for reason, not just "A Reason" but some of you may be asking for what? What exactly is a reason of life? I believe "Existence" is the word of reason for life in general terms but do you agree with it? You don't have to because we all don't share the same reasoning of life but we can all relate to it.

    Some believe in different gods while others believe in a higher power and this is OK, but is this "A Reason" or just another reason? I believe we exist for a greater cause and without reason to hide existence with. We create reason but we don't need reason to do something good for someone else do we? So why should we put a reason on life itself? Why cant we just accept reason for what it is and not what its worth?

    Anyone can put a price on reason, but you cant put a price on existence itself. Let us share life with existence first and then express our reasoning later because without accepting existence first there would be no reasoning of life to begin with. I myself believe in god and a higher power greater than myself through Existence not through Reasoning.
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