Facebook Won't Let Users Sell Land in the Amazon Rainforest Anymore

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    Facebook has announced that it's updating its commerce policies to prevent its users from buying or selling land in "ecological conservation areas" such as the Amazon rainforest.

    "We will now review listings on Facebook Marketplace against an international organization’s authoritative database of protected areas to identify listings that may violate this new policy," Facebook said. (It didn't name the database.) "By using complementary information sources like this database, we are adding another barrier for people trying to list these lands on Marketplace."

    But these rules won't be limited to Facebook Marketplace. The company said that its commerce policies already require buyers and sellers to "comply with all applicable laws and regulations when using Facebook Inc. commerce surfaces," which means the restrictions apply to Instagram and WhatsApp, too. This appears to be a company- and subsidiary-wide ban on these listings.

    Facebook said that enforcement of these new policies "would begin to ramp up" on Oct. 8 but emphasized that removing these listings will be an ongoing process. "These are the first steps Facebook is taking to address this issue," the company said, "and as with other integrity initiatives we will continue working to prevent people from circumventing our enforcement."
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