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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Forum' started by The_Neon_Cowboy, Jul 3, 2007.

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    I'm dealing with an account issue not mine but my girlfriends anyways it been a load
    of bull and really is irritating me.

    basically she got her self into being overdrawn as of 5/10 wich
    compounded her bank fees and all when the dust settled -$530

    6/18 she started deposting paying it down.
    6/23 she got collection agencys notice dated 6/15
    6/25 the day the account posted into the positive (due to waiting for a depoits to post)
    6/26 received a letter dated 6/25 saying they sent 2 letters about the account,
    "attempting to assist you in resolving the unpaid overdraft balance" that the account
    ballence is -10.05 and that it was was closed and refried to their collection department.
    That they reported this to a credit agency. (the only thing they sent was one letter "a statment") (the account is still open and has a positive ballence, so thier full of...)

    I dispatched an offical and legal despute letters to the collection agency

    I disputed a very official complaint on behalf of letter to her bank about
    how this has been handled poorly and asking why where they so fast act
    like they did on this account the whole mess and how its being handled....
    think about it less then 35 days and they have already sent this off to a credit
    collection agency. A debt that was actively being paid off!!! Then to send out
    notice the very day the account goes positive about how they have reported the
    debt to credit Bureau and closed the account and put the account into collections.
    I'm definitely reporting them to the Federal Reserve board, Better Business Bureau,
    and Indiana State Department of Financial Institutions, anywhere applicable...

    on 7/3 I get a notice dated 6/23 about the 30 day despute period commencing
    when she recived the 1st letter. That thier client show the debt has not been
    paid of course still showing the -$530 as the ballence in thier letter (of course
    6/23 the ballence was much much less) any ways the debt is paid

    They appenrtly need to get thier heads checked maybe anyways they will sort it
    out soon enough. Thats not my consern...

    What irrates me in they gave her like 30 days from the day her account went
    negitive to involveing a credit collection agency, reporting to a credit beruo,
    all BEFORE contacting the customer about the debt other then account "statement"
    and ignoring the account being brung up to speed quite quickly... not to mention
    the tacked on a $5 fee when she made the account postive for haveing a lower then
    the minum ballence and of course a check has posted:rolleyes: . funny for a account
    they supposedly closed LOL

    I mean come on if i'm late on any bill (I never am) they would bill me the new +
    the old and then that or the next time do something along the lines of discontueing
    service. collections etc... 60-90 days minuim... I've delt with this same kind of issue
    with a previous GF and the bank she had delt with this quite diffrently. Heck I've been
    in this kind of mess before though I get out of it fast. Never seen a bank be so brutal
    twards some ones credit rateing so quickly over nothing, not giveing her time to fix things..

    Of course the black mark will be there on her credit for like 5 years! I will despute
    the info with with the credit beruo's in due time. But thats ify if they wil remove it
    I hope so . you never know but at lest there will be a flag on her credit saying she
    desputes the info.

    other then that I've told her to take her bussiness else where and close the account!
    any suggestions? comments? think I have it coverd? do you think thier wrong here?
    I wish they had some legal liability or do they :hmm: ...

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