First Microsoft Retail store opens - like Apple store with more colors

Discussion in 'News Discussion' started by HardwareHeaven, Oct 23, 2009.

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    We reported last week that Microsoft were targeting the Apple market by opening various stores to sell their own goods, and as we found out yesterday even computers.

    Gizmondo visited the Microsoft store and they took a lot of pictures. They said it looks "like Apple Store with More Colors".

    See for yourself over here

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    You have to admit, using Apples stores as a template isn't a bad idea. Apple stores are solidly designed, bright and inviting, and the layout works very well. They're not cluttered, well ventilated (by this I mean there's plenty of space in them to move around, so you are less likely to get close enough to someone to smell their BO), you can find what you are looking for easily, and without assistance, but then again it's the fact that Apple has plenty of people around to offer assistance that makes their stores work even better.
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    Also, there aren't exactly a gigantic selection of apple products in the store. Meaning that seeing that apple and microsoft both don't make that many products to begin with its better to get a nice sized store and spread out their merch. But I have to say that the apple store by my apartment is at least consistent at making me furious.;) long story but in the end I have had to wait three seperate times for an iTouch 32GB to come in stock because they never seem to have them when i come in with mine which seems to shoot sparks about every 5 months or so. No worries I still like it as an mp3 player it just isn't a very high quality product like all of my other iPods have been

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