First PNY now BFGTech - Geforce FX Ultra no more?

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    In the past few days PNY has removed GeForce FX 5800 Ultra webpage from their website. The only Geforce FX card they have listed in their product list is the non-ultra model. This alone suggests that the recent rumors could be correct. Today, John Malley, Director of Marketing and PR for BFG Technologies has issued the following statement.

    "Due to heavy allocation of the FX 5800 Ultra chips, as of Sunday, February 9th the Asylum GeForce FX 5800 Ultra is no longer available for preorder at Best Buy. We will fulfill the preorders once the Ultras are available for shipping, which is expected to be March 9 or sooner.

    Consumers who have ordered the Asylum GeForce FX 5800 Ultra from Best Buy stores should check Best for updates on when the cards are available for pick up at the store from which they were ordered. Consumers who have ordered online from Best will get the card shipped to them when it is available.

    Moving forward, BFG Tech will be bringing Asylum GeForce FX 5800 (non-ultra) to retail shelves. This card has a 400MHZ core clock and 800MHz DDR2 memory. It does not feature the FX Flow cooling system, but does have a high-profile fansink that requires the PCI slot adjacent to the AGP slot to be available. The Asylum GeForce FX 5800 offers 8 pixels per clock, 160 Million vertices per second, 25.6GB memory bandwidth (with compression) and 3.2 billion pixels per second fill rate. The card is fully DX9 compliant with Vertex Shader 2.0+ and Pixel Shader 2.0+, CineFX Engine, Intellisample Technology, and 128-bit studio-precision color.

    We expect to have this product shipping in March at a retail price of $329.99

    John Malley
    Director, Marketing and PR
    [BFG Technologies]
    86 Albrecht Drive
    Lake Bluff, IL 60044"

    E-mail Source: Bjorn3D

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