Ford may ship unfinished vehicles to dealers due to chip shortage

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    File this one squarely in the ‘unspeakably bad ideas’ folder. It seems that Ford Motor Company is in the throes of debating whether or not to ship unfinished vehicles – specifically, ones affected by the ongoing chip shortage – directly to dealers and training local technicians in the skills required to sort everything out when parts finally become available.

    The potential problems with this plan are so vast that your author can scarcely believe it’s actually being considered. First, one needs to recognize that technicians at most dealers are presently overworked, thanks to a backlog of tasks asked of them tied to pandemic-related closures and hiccups.

    Adding this labour to their plate is not going to help matters, tying up techs who would otherwise be performing customer-requested jobs — who’ll probably get upset they need to wait longer than normal for routine service.

    This is to say nothing of the ire it’ll surely inflame in some customers who will want the truck they’re buying ‘right now’ since it’s sitting out there on the dealer’s front row. Sure, lots look better when filled with product but your author – after toiling in auto sales many moons ago – knows there will be a certain percentage of dealers who’ll simply let the unfinished vehicles run through their system in order to record a sale.

    Even if the dealer refuses to let the end customer drive off the lot due to safety reasons, the clock would have begun ticking on its warranty coverage, since the In Service date usually begins when the sale is recorded and the vehicle is put in the customer’s name.

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    It's all about storage. Ford doesn't want these things rotting away on their production lot. I mean, where do you put the "new" ones being built? Ship them out to dealers, and let them deal with the issue of storing them until their finished.
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