Ford salutes WWII Women Airforce Service Pilots with custom Mustang Mach-E at Oshkosh air show

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    Ford is auctioning a special Mustang Mach-E to raise money for charities supporting aviation careers for young women and underserved youth at the EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, Wis.

    The customized electric SUV features a livery inspired by the Women Airforce Service Pilots (W.A.S.P.), a civilian agency that operated during World War Two where female flyers who weren't allowed in combat tested and transported planes to support America's war effort.

    The Mach-E wears the U.S. Army Air Force and W.A.S.P. logos, unique white and yellow trim, an EEA AirVenture plaque on its doorsills and the number 38 stitched into the center console referencing the 38 W.A.S.P. members that lost their lives in service.

    The vehicle is the 13th donated by Ford to the event. Previous cars were conventional Mustangs, which draws inspiration from the WWII P51 Mustang fighter plane, and have raised a total of over $4 million.

    The Mach-E is based on an all-wheel-drive Premium trim with a range of 270 miles, 346 hp, a list price of $55,330 and will be auctioned on July 29.



    Source: foxnews

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