Fortnite Is Premiering an Exclusive Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Scene Next Week

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    Seeing Star Wars skins added to Fortnite through a crossover event is one thing and is honestly more than most Fortnite players ever thought would happen, but it looks like the collaboration isn’t done yet. Fortnite players have noticed new posters and other ads appearing within the games map that advertise an “exclusive scene premiere” that’ll show players a scene from the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The scene will be played on December 14th at 2 p.m. ET at the game’s Risky Reels location with doors opening 30 minutes prior to the event, and J.J. Abrams will apparently be in attendance somehow as well.

    If the crossover still seems unlikely even after hearing the details, Fortnite has the proof in the posters to show that it’s real. Images and videos like the ones below have been shared online in the buildup to the event that takes place exactly one week from today and six days prior to the release of The Rise of Skywalker. Fortnite often hosts “live” events where players miss what’s happening if they’re not there when the action starts, and it looks like this’ll be one of those events once again.

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