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    Custom titles are available after 100 posts (the wording under your name).
    Avatars are also available to all members after 100 posts, size of 80x80 pixels limited to a max file size of 32k.

    Signatures are available after 20 posts or 30 days registered and shall be no larger than 150 pixels deep and 500 pixels wide with a MAXIMUM file size of 50k. if you have combinations of images and text, its 100 pixels deep for the image and 5 lines of text. this is to ensure forum reading is not hindered.

    Currently on Hiatus - Gold members are entitled to 100k(MAX) signatures (flash option also available) and 100x100pixel avatars.

    Please note offensive avatars/titles and offensive or oversized signatures will be removed at the discretion of a site administrator.

    Further breaches of these simple guidelines will result in your removal from HardwareHeaven.
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