Fractol Design Announces the Blackout strikes the Celsius series

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    Available immediately, the new Blackout version of Fractal Design’s popular Celsius water cooling system finally offers users all the advantages of silent operation, expandability and clean installation with the choice of a uniform all-black color scheme. The Celsius Blackout allows you to manage fan and pump speeds either through motherboard PWM output or using the temperature-controlled automatic mode same as in previous models, but now comes prepackaged with Dynamic X2 PWM Black Edition fans for a darker, more uniform look.


    Key Features

    • The Celsius series uses a combination of cutting-edge technology and premium sound damping materials to deliver extreme cooling performance with minimal noise output.

    • An intelligent temperature-controlled auto mode adjusts fan and pump speeds in real-time for optimum balance of cooling performance and silence, while PWM mode enables precision manual tuning for any usage situation.

    • Included Fractal Design Dynamic X2 PWM Black fans offer a wide speed adjustment range from 500 to 2,000 RPM allowing for near-silent operation under lighter loads and maximum airflow during heavy usage.

    • An integrated fan hub with concealed cable routing simplifies cable management for a clean installation.

    • Radiator fittings use standard G ¼” thread maximum compatibility and expandability with standard do-it-yourself components. Easily add and integrate a GPU block of your choice to eliminate noisy graphics card fans so the only sound you hear is the sound of your game.


    Celsius S24 Blackout: USD109.99, GBP104.99, EURO124.99, SEK1249
    Celsius S36 Blackout: USD119.99, GBP114.99, EURO134.99, SEK1399

    Celsius S24 Blackout / Celsius S36 Blackout

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