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    Hello, I just wanted to raise awareness of the fight for democracy in Burma. Currently very little information reaches foreign media from Burma, since the military junta started its crackdown against the peaceful protests and democracy movement. Its up to those of us with the option to voice ourself to react and not succumb to silence in the face of evil.

    Currently in Burma citizens, Buddhist monks and even foreigners are being dragged out of their homes at night and taken to prison. Human rights are being violated as thousands are being imprisoned, where they are subjected to both physical and verbal torture. Propaganda against the protesters and foreign media is being shown in news in the country as the Junta tries to regain control over the country and repress the democratic movement. Its vital that we show the Burmese Junta that the world is watching and support democrazy.

    You can currently sign a protest list at forwarded to the Chinese President Hu Jintao and the UN Security Council to urge them to take action for a free Burma. Hundreds of thousands have already signed, support peace and democracy and sign as well.

    You can also find further information and news from the following organizations/websites:

    Democratic Voice of Burma (latest reliable news on Burma) (global Free Burma campaign links)
    Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (website of Nobel Peace Prize winner, currently under house arrest in Burma)

    Actor and comedian Jim Carrey has also engaged himself in the fight for a free Burma, you can watch his views on YouTube

    Thanks for reading and tell your friends. Feel free to debate and discuss.
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