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    Most of my new system I purchased from Frys at thier new store near where I live,but I wanted to warn people about thier "We'll Match Our Competitors Price" policy. When I first went in and checked out the new store they said they would match any competitors sale add providing of course you had the add in hand or if you saw the add but didnt bring it in they would call the local competitor and verify the sale price,..noproblem,
    BUT,..Now they have changed it again, they say they have to call and verify the sale item is in stock at the competitors store and if in stock the'll
    meet the price.Now I dont get me wrong Frys has a lot of great items for computer folks,but they come up with every excuse in the book to get out of "their LOW Price Gaureentee. I went this past thursday with my best buy ad in hand and showed them the ad and price of a Pny 7900 GS card I wanted to purchase for my wifes computer,now mind you I just built two new systems mine and hers and purchased the first 7900 from them and was going to purchase the second one from them so I could Sli her comp.,
    their price for a Pny 7900 is 219.00 the compitition had it for 149.00
    They called Best Buy and of course it was sold out,so they wouldnt price match it,I stopped into best buy and was happily given a raincheck
    as this is a "NORMALLY "stocked item. I went back to Frys with the raincheck
    and they then wanted to "deal" on the item,..they didnt get my business.
    They also keep their store manager isolated seems if you want to complain
    about something he is never their.They also do not price match their own website prices.Just thought I'd share/rant this out.

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