FYI - AVG false positives (June 15th-ish)

Discussion in 'Windows & Other OS Discussion & Support' started by Ubergrendle, Jun 16, 2006.

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    FYI, I know alot of DHers use AVG as a good anti-virus solution (for free).

    I spent several hours last night trying to remove a PSW.Generic2.AOK trojan (don't bother googling it -- its not found) detected by AVG last night. Turns out this morning that AVG released another definitions update, on the basis that alot of false positives were being detected yesterday.

    In particular, bittorrent executables were being idenitfied as trojans.


    For some reason, ever since last tuesday's microsoft update ('biggest update of the year') I've gotten alot of false positives, or virus fragment detections than I've ever had. Not sure if this stuff was lingering out there for a long time undetected, or if MS is being thorough now, or what, but the last week or so has been very abnormal IMHO for virus/spyware detection amongst myself and my friends. I'm very careful, and am surprised I've had some positive detections recently.

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