GeForce 340.52 WHQL driver

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    GeForce Game Ready Driver
    The new GeForce Game Ready driver, release 340.52 WHQL, allows GeForce owners to continue to have the ultimate gaming experience. With this release, GeForce gamers can take advantage of GameStream technology to stream their favorite PC games to the new SHIELD tablet or SHIELD portable. In addition, this Game Ready WHQL driver ensures you'll have the best possible gaming experience for Metro: Redux and Final Fantasy XIV (China).

    <strong>Game Ready</strong>
    Best gaming experience for Metro: Redux and Final Fantasy XIV (China)

    Supports NVIDIA GameStream™ technology for the new SHIELD tablet and SHIELD portable

    Gaming Technology
    Supports GeForce ShadowPlay™ technology and GeForce ShadowPlay™ Twitch Streaming

    Download: Nvidia GeForce

    Realease Notes: Here (PDF)
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    First time I've seen Nvidia exclude release notes from their driver page. Thankfully there is still a separate PDF.

    Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1 Fixed Issues
    - [4k Tiled Display]: Occasionally, the system may lock up or the NVIDIA Control
    - Panel controls may fail on a 4k tiled display when running 3D applications.
    - Chrome browser fails to render content after a period of use. [1447322]
    - [GeForce GT 430]: There is no HDMI audio unless it is turned OFF and then back ON
    through the NVIDIA Control Panel. [1251112]

    Software Modules
    NVIDIA PhysX System Software - version 9.13.1220
    HD Audio Driver - version
    GeForce Experience -

    Application Profiles
    Added or updated the following profiles:
    •Enemy Front - added Direct 9 SLI profile
    •Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - added additional EXE
    3D Vision Profiles
    •Blackguards - rated as “Fair”
    •Enemy Front - rated as “Not Recommened”
    •Eterium - rated as “Excellent”
    •Heldric - The legend of the shoemaker - rated as “Good”
    •LEGO The Hobbit - rated as “Fair”
    •Murdered Soul Suspect - rated as “Fair”
    •Port Royale 3 - rated as “Good”
    •Project Root - rated as “Excellent”

    3D Compatibility Mode Support
    Support for 3D Compatibility Mode has been added for the following games:
    •Enemy Front - rated as “Not Recommended”
    •Murdered Soul Suspect - rated as “Excellent”

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