GeForce 364.96 DOOM Hotfix Driver

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    There is a new GeForce Hot Fix driver out today with support for the DOOM open beta. Those of you that don't have any intention on playing the DOOM open beta can wait until the next set of beta or WHQL drivers are out. As always, make sure you create a restore point before you update to the new hotfix driver.

    This is GeForce Hot Fix driver version 364.96 that addresses the following:

    - Support for DOOM Open Beta

    Known issues:

    - GFE may show the following error if launched without a network connection: "GeForce Experience encountered an error and must close"

    Click the appropriate link to download.

    Windows 7 and 8

    64 bit Version

    32 bit Version

    Windows 10

    64 bit - Win10

    32 bit - Win 10

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