Getting 5.1 surround in Adobe Audition

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    Getting 5.1 surround in Adobe Audition [solved]


    I am trying to use the Multichannel Encoder in Adobe Audition (Audition doesn't have ASIO). If I have understood correctly, I should use Kx Wave 0/1 output since that device can recieve multichannel bitstreams and put them all into their right channels so I can preview the audio correctly in true 5.1 audio. However I only get downmixed audio to front left/right speakers as far as I can tell.

    The Kx manual have this to say:

    The Adobe Audition manual have this to say:

    I have bolded the significant comparison.

    So the question is, does anyone have any idea on how to resolve this. The automaticly-turned-off surround mode for wave 0/1. How do I force it to on, or why doesn't it works as I expected...?

    Note: I have successfully configured Reason, Adobe Premiere and DVD playback software amongst others for true 5.1 analogue out. It's just Audition that won't play with me..

    Thanks to the developers for the most interesting soundcard drivers in the world.


    I found the solution myself - you can select preview format and it have to be "16-bit, 2-byte integer" and not any other... Hope it helps someone...
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