Greenland Is Aiming To Build Its First-Ever Road Between Cities

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    To travel from one town to the next in Greenland requires a bit of ingenuity. You can fly in a regional aircraft. You can hike. You can kayak. You can even dogsled if you want. But you’re not going to be able to drive — at least, not until Greenland finishes the Arctic Circle Road, the first road between settlements in the country.

    The Arctic Circle road will connect Sisimiut, the second-largest city in Greenland, with Kangerlussuaq, a town of about 500 people but one that boasts Greenland’s major international airport. The proposed route will be just under 100 miles and has become a tourist attraction for what Visit Greenland’s CEO Hjortur Smarason calls “adventure tourists” — people who are more interested in camping and hiking around remote areas than they are in staying in all-inclusive resorts.

    Smarason accompanied the Extreme E circus during the electric racing series’ recent event in Kangerlussuaq, where he was more than happy to answer questions any of us had about the goals of Visit Greenland.

    I’ve been to countries like Iceland before, another area that invites the adventure tourist but that places limits on where those people can go as a result of the delicate environment. So, while you’re invited to hike on marked trails, Iceland doesn’t want you to step on the sensitive moss that can take years to grow back — if it ever does. Carving a dirt road between two cities with the goal of encouraging more tourists to tromp through Greenland seems strange when you consider Iceland’s mandates.
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