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    I upgraded my gaming rig to play racing games with triple monitors. I also left a higher resolution fourth monitor plugged for tasks other than gaming. I'm using a GTX 680. It has two DVI, one DisplayPort and one HDMI connectors. I'm using them all.

    Here's what I'm using for the triple monitors with Nvidia 2D surround :

    video card displayport -> displayport cable -> ASUS VE278Q displayport (left monitor at 1920x1080)
    video card DVI -> DVI cable -> BenQ XL2720T DVI (center monitor at 1920x1080)
    video card HDMI -> HDMI cable -> ASUS VE278Q HDMI (right monitor at 1920x1080)

    Here's the other monitor :
    video card DVI -> DVI cable -> DELL U2711 (2560x1440)

    The displayport cable is a StarTech 10 ft DisplayPort Cable with Latches M/M model number DISPLPORT10L. I only need 6ft. This is the only cable I could find locally. I'm willing to return it and get something better and cheaper online.

    At first, windows was not detecting the monitor connected by DisplayPort. By wiggling the end of the DisplayPort cable plugged into the card, I got the monitor to appear. At first I could not get it to 1920x1080, it was resetting to 1280x720. I wiggled the cable some more and I got 1920x1080 to stick. I configured the three monitors with Nvidia surround. It worked but after some time, the DisplayPort connected monitor flickered black, came back and some time later went completely black.

    It seems I'm having issues with the DisplayPort connection to the video card. Is it a bad cable? Can anyone recommended a good DisplayPort cable?

    EDIT : I played a racing game a few hours and it all worked without any problem apart from me feeling a bit dizzy (motion sickness). I'm not used to the setup yet. The problem I had before is most likely some kind of bad connection but it works fine as long as the cable is inserted properly.

    EDIT 2 : The problem still happened sometimes afterward. I found why. The connector was not fully inserted. The rubber around the plug touches the metal part between the motherboard slots (see pic below). I shaved some plastic on the plug and it inserted more deeply and it works now.

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