Half Life 2 BSOD

Discussion in 'AMD Graphics Cards' started by H3X4D3C1M4L, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Well, I've been trying to play Half Life 2 again and all it does is MAKE ME SAD!

    Using the machine in my profile, I can play Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, or any other source game and its just fine. If I play Half Life 2, it gets as far as loading the intro and then it will just give me a blank BSOD (no error messages). The event log had some jibba jabba about the system restarting after a Machine Check but I soon took care of that and it still crashes. I tried a number of different video drivers but that also made no difference. I've got the latest chipset drivers but they're old and crusty as it is. I tried running at stock settings, redownloading the cache files, deleting the configuration, changing all the driver options, raising the AGP voltage, trying no fastwrites, NONE of it works.

    Anyone have any helpful tidbits of advice? It's burning a major hole in my mind here. :sigh:

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