'Hardcore' and 'casual' are no longer adequate in defining gamers research says

Discussion in 'Gaming News Discussion' started by Calliers, May 15, 2019.

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    I used to consider myself a hardcore gamer. Then came a wife and kids and other responsibilities, and I just do not have the same amount of free time for it that I used to have. So "hardcore" doesn't really fit me.

    However, I still do play video games when I get a chance. I watch some streamers on Twitch when I’m not playing or streaming myself. And I frequently write about the subject. So, the term “casual gamer” does not really fit me either.

    Gaming and esports analytics firm Newzoo has seen that the gaming landscape has changed drastically. It spent a year studying gaming habits and has come up with eight new “personas” to better define today’s gamers.
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    This guy wrote this entire article because he has a hard time facing the fact that he used to be (or consider himself) hardcore and now he's a casual. Joking, but still, what a pointless thing to "research" and write articles about. Furthermore, while that might be the "worldview" of someone who likes to think of oneself as "hardcore", the whole premise that all people who play games are (or were, at any time) divided into hardcore and casual is simply false, those are just the two opposite ends of the spectrum. At least that has always been my understanding.
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    I know some people that consider themselves hardcore gamers ... even though they only ever play like maybe 2 or 3 games.... usually within a series or genre... then there are the people that have like 1000 games in their steam library.... ranging from a few triple A titles.... and hundreds of like 1 or 2 maybe 5 dollar or at most 10 dollar B titles some of which are free even, and consider themselves hardcore gamers...

    In the past it was pretty cut and dry i think and this is where i think most people are having a hard time wrapping their heads around it and how "hardcore" has lost it's meaning in the grand scheme of the usage. In the past you either played video games or you didn't.... and those that did play games, some did it ultra casually and usually sparatically, then there were the ones that given every opportunity to do so, they would be playing a video game rather than doing anything at all.

    I was considered hardcore because even on a sunny day living at the lake, the water not more than 20-30 ft from where i sat, and being able to hear other kids playing in the lake from my position through the window, i still preferred to grind through games, some of which i've played dozens if not hundreds of times through before.

    Now that what was it, 1 in 5 adults (ages 18 through to 100+) plays some kind of version of a video games, the including of mobile games, the shear volume of literally every genre of game under the sun that exists in the 1000's it seems, carbon copies and cookie cut games made day in and day out, and being literally at everyone's finger tips (mobile).... the differentiation has basically blurred to the point of having utterly no focus.

    Is the person that happens to pull out his phone and pop a few crystals when they are bored while at work or sitting in public waiting for whatever task or event they are there for to happen, considered a hardcore gamer? What about the TF2, overwatch, dota, LoL, etc, nearly 100% specific gamers that only every play that one single game the vast majority of the time.... are they hardcore gamers?..... and what about those people that basically have the largest library of games owned and yet for the most part, haven't finished any of them or very few... but always seems to be playing a random game from the list.... are they hardcore? There are people that only ever play mobile games, strictly the most mundane and completely dimwitted style of games where it takes basically zero motor or hand eye coordination at all to do, such as the games where you only need to push a blood button, like the slot machine games for example... some of these people blow bundles of money, losing it 99% of the time, and play it for hours until they eyes are bloodshot or they pass out from exhaustion, are they hardcore gamers?

    As i was saying, the terminology is today completely irrelevant and meaningless. No one is likely to agree on what someone MEANS when they say hardcore gamer, or even casual. Even after explaining this, while some may go "well ok that sounds like a justifiable defintion", plenty will not agree and iterate their own variation of the definition, and everyone's will vary from one end of the spectrum to the other.

    I've LONG since tried to state what i am. As before i was previously labeled (not self given) hardcore video gamer, but by todays standards i'm sure i'm anything but that in most people's eyes. Specially if you take into consideration the small library of games i have owned. I mean shit, i was called a filthy casual simply because i never owned and never really played an n64 or basically any of the mobile nintendo gameboy products, which only illustrates how wildly absurd it is to place labels on people based on a pretty silly set of requirements that are almost entirely arbitrary at this point.

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