Help! I need some advise on S/PDIF / AES/EBU connection

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    Hello, I recently ordered an amplifier with a digital input, it is actually a 'pro' amplifier so technically it uses an AES/EBU input instead of S/PDIF however I understand that typically a S/PDIF signal will work with an AES/EBU input, there are just a few minor differences in the signal encoding and the impedance is 110 ohms instead of 75... Anyways, I have never used a digital output on my card before and would like some advice on setting things up so that I am outputting a 24bit 96kHz signal from my Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro (SB0350). I am running Windows 7 (x64) if that makes a difference, I realize I will not be able to use the Audigy's DSP however the amp has a built in dsp so I am not too worried :) Basically I want to know the 'software/kX side' of getting 24bit/96 kHz output. I understand about Kernel streaming and re-sampling and stuff like that so some explicit instructions how to get things running on the kX drivers would be great!

    Thanks for your help and time!

    EDIT/Addition: I should note, in Windows 7, in the "Sound" properties (where you can select a "Default Playback Device") when I right click on "SPDIF/AC3 Output", and then click on the "Supported Formats" tab, only a 48kHz sample rate shows up... That is part of what I am confused about...
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