Help! Looking to get a HD Capture card and don't know where to start

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by Gastrian, Jun 21, 2013.

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    I'm looking into doing some online video game reviews and news and of course I'll be needing to capture gameplay video.

    Now I've been looking online trying to see what the best solution is and there's a lot of products out there and not a lot of objective analysis on them.

    I'm building an ITX system for under the TV (of course I will look at mATX as well if its more suitable), it'll be based on a Phenom II I had left over from my last upgrade. I'll be capturing video from an Xbox 360 as well as Gamecube and PS2 with the hope of expanding that to include PS3, PS4 and Xbox One at a later date. Also I know that an iPad can display content on a TV via an Apple TV would any of these capture cards allow me to plug the AppleTV HMI into it so that I could record iPad footage?

    I seriously don't know where to start, everything I've found online is out of date and talking about products that are no longer available. If any of you have experience in these matters or at least know some trustworthy websites that would be fantastic.
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    I've been using a capture card from AVerMedia for a few years. It does a great job and doesn't cost the bank, either.

    The one I'm using is the C027 shown on this page...

    I got mine at the local Micro Center.

    I, too, use it to capture from my XBOX 360 so I can play through my PC monitor as well as capture the action.
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