Help me select an Intel CPU and motherboard

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by cctaylor88, Feb 7, 2013.

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    Ever since I built my current computer I have yet to upgrade anything and have always went with AMD in terms of my processor. I am now looking into investing some money into upgrades and am heavily favoring an Intel CPU. I don't do any serious gaming lately as I am a full time student but I play the occasional game (SCII, Withcher 2, etc). I mainly use my PC to surf multiple multiple tabs in Firefox, downloading w/ uTorrent, playing videos on my second monitor, etc..

    If I were to buy an Intel CPU will it be compatible with the rest of my components (GPU, Ram, etc)? Basically I just need to switch the CPU (obviously) and buy a compatible motherboard correct?

    If I were to buy a new CPU I'm currently looking most likely to buying an Intel i5 or i7 but wouldn't know which one to select or what exactly to look for.

    What would you recommend for a new Intel CPU and compatible motherboard? I will definitely be over clocking as well and don't want my motherboard to hold me back (for instance my current motherboard doesn't have "vrm cooling")

    Current Setup is below:
    Ram: Ripjaws 8gb
    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE
    Motherboard: ASUS M4A87TD/USB3
    Power: 600w OCz

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    The only thing i was worried about was the Ram (as you didn't state the type...)

    but the board is a DDR3 model..... I just didn't want to make the assumption that it was indeed ddr3.

    So yes... replace the motherboard and cpu.. and the rest of it all will work great.

    Mind you, i'd recommend doing a complete Re-install of windows ... a major switch chipset/cpu wise won't likely allow you to just boot up windows willy nilly.. AND if it does.... the conflicting drivers and components and such are not going to make life easy.

    Regarding the choice in which intel cpu and motherboard.

    Depends on your budget..

    Most people do not NEED much beyond an intel i3 3220..... That's a dual core with HT (4 threads)..... although some that want the extra coverage in order to guarantee a longer lifespan of the product (without requiring a cpu upgrade so quickly) move towards the lower end Intel i5's for the 4 core (no HT).... Most games or programs by themselve won't see much of any improvement.. but in terms of the multi tasking and various other factors in the real world.. those extra cores do show a nice boost overall.

    From there it's only the intel i7 remaining.. this is just 4 cores but each one with HT... so 8 threads. I'd say this is for the most part.. total overkill... not a great bang for the buck imo. It's fast no doubt...

    As for the motherboard... i haven't bothered using anything less than a Z77 series board... even for my cheap builds.. i'm liking the Asus P8Z77-V LK/LX boards... mostly for their cost and the fact that in cases which the purchaser doesn't need a video card right away... and has display port.

    The P8Z77-V Pro is fantastic all around though....
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    I broadly agree with Judas's posts above.

    A major difference between Intel and AMD is that only the most expensive Intel CPUs can OC (i5-3570K, i7-3770K, i7-3930K, in short). As such, there's no reason to blow the bank on a motherboard for a lower-end Intel CPU, as long as it has the features you want, and you're not going to switch to an overclock-friendly CPU in the future.

    You posted in one of your other threads that you were considering an FX-8350. The direct competitors to this chip on the Intel front are i5s.

    I think that the boards Judas mentioned would be a good combination with a chip like the i5-3570K. If you're never going to be overclocking, though, there are a variety of good B75 boards that you could consider, such as the Asrock B75 Pro3 or Gigabyte GA-B75-D3V which would be a good match with CPUs like the i5-3470, i5-3350P, or i3-3220.

    I'm presuming here that you want to stick to a full-ATX setup - personally I see an ever-decreasing need for full-tower builds (despite my own GPU currently taking up 5 slots :oops:).

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