Hitman GOTY Edition Removed From GOG Over Online DRM

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    Hitman - Game of the Year Edition was released on GOG.com late last month and following weeks of player complaints and review bombing due to obtrusive online DRM requirements, it has now been removed from the storefront.

    Hitman GOTY Edition is a version of the beloved assassin simulator from 2016 that includes all the DLC in one package. But it also locks away most of its content and progression behind an always-online requirement, which many believed was a form of DRM. This seemed out of place on GOG, a storefront that is anti-DRM. Making matters worse was that the store page for Hitman didn’t properly disclose just how much content is locked behind an internet connection. As a result, players began review bombing the game and complaining in the GOG forums.

    Some of the content that can only be unlocked when online includes new weapons, items, outfits, and starting locations. However, the original store page only listed that “escalation missions, elusive targets, or user-created missions” needed an internet connection.
    Source: kotaku
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    Thanks for the news. I was waiting for something to happen with this disaster.
    Glad GOG smartened up.
    DRM-FREE is the main reason people shop from them. If they stop doing it, might as well buy shit from Steam.
    I do hope they bring the game back, drm free. I would love to buy it.
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