How AMD positions FXs Athlon 64s and Semprons

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    The first Sempr0n off the block will be based on the Thoroughbred Socket A core, with 256K of L2 cache and produced at 130 nanometres.

    Shortly to be followed by Paris, a 754 pin Sempron which includes "cool'n'quiet" and again is built on 130 nano tech, but with silicon on insulator.

    Later to be followed by the Sicilian chip, which again is a 754 pin baby, with 256K L2 cache, "cool'n'quiet" but based on 90 nanometre tech and slated for the fourth quarter of this year.

    As we now know, the Athlon XP is not long for this world, and AMD is moving the Sempron into place to displace the now ancient chip. Don't forget that you can plug Semprons into MP boards and generally speaking, they will work.


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